Not your regular
crypto trading app
Handy charts, powerful instruments and great functionality. All in one app.
TradingView charts
Get the perfect overview of the crypto market & boost your trading power with upgraded TradingView charts
  • Place orders using
    drag & drop feature
  • Sync multiple chart layouts
    for a trading pair
  • Add an unlimited number of
    indicators to charts
Everything you need
to reach trading goals
  • Connect to
    Explore our add-on features for enriched trading on exchanges
    👌 Trading fees are determined by an exchange
  • Customizable
    Build a perfect layout that suits your trading strategy
  • Secure
    Your money = your control.
    App works only via API keys
  • Supports
    multiple screens
    Run the app on multiple screeens & trade like a pro
  • Orders in
    one click
    Efforttlessly place Market, Limit and SL/TP Orders
Trade through
Order Book
Track order volumes, asset prices & make quick trades to profit from daily price fluctuations
  • Cluster analysis
  • Diverse strategies
  • Shortcuts
Discover limitless trading
Download for free
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