1. This document defines the Tiger Trade AG, a company registered at 75 Baarerstrasse, Zug 6300, Switzerland, (“Data Controller”) policy with respect to processing of personal data which the Data Controller collects using the Internet and contains information on personal data protection requirements implemented (“Policy”).

2. The Policy applies to personal data which the Data Controller may receive from the user (“you”) when you use the Data Controller's website at (“Site”).

3. Please feel free to contact the Data Controller any time with any questions regarding your personal data processing or to request that your personal data be modified (updated, supplemented, or revised), or to revoke your consent to the personal data processing within the scope and for the purposes referred to in the Policy.

In any such case, please send your request in any form by email at: Your request should be sent from your email address submitted on the Site.


4. Below are the main terms used in this Policy (and such terms may be used in either singular or plural form, as the case may be).
“automated personal data processing” means solely computerized personal data processing;
“personal data blocking” means temporary suspension of personal data processing (unless such processing is required for personal data revision purposes);
“PD Laws” mean any applicable laws governing the protection of personal data;
“personal data confidentiality” means the obligation of any persons accessing personal data not to distribute the same without the personal data subject's consent, unless the PD Laws provide for other processing grounds;
“Data Controller” means Tiger Trade AG with its office at: Baarerstrasse 75, 6300 Zug, Switzerland, which arranges for and conducts personal data processing and defines purposes of the personal data processing, the scope of personal data to be processed, and actions/operations to be carried out with personal data;
“personal data processing” means any action/operation or a set of actions/operations with personal data carried out with or without the use of any automation tools; a list of actions carried out by the Data Controller with your personal data is given in clause 19 below;
“personal data” means any information directly or indirectly related to an identified or identifiable individual (personal data subject), i.e. information that directly identifies you (such as your name or email address) and information that does not identify you directly, but may be used in one way or another for identification (e.g. your mobile device details);
“you” or “Site User” mean any individual using the Site for any purposes;
“personal data sharing” means actions aimed at disclosing personal data to a specific person or specific group of persons;
“personal data distribution” means actions aimed at disclosing personal data to the general public;
“cross-border transfer of personal data” means transfer of personal data to a recipient in a country different to the country where the controller is located;
“personal data destruction” means any action that makes it impossible to restore personal data content within the personal data information system and/or action that results in destruction of physical media containing personal data.

5. The Data Controller shall provide unrestricted access to this Policy by posting its current version in the Privacy Policy section on the Site, and a hard copy of the same shall be kept in the Data Controller’s office and may be provided to you at your request or otherwise under the PD Laws.

6. This Policy shall be revised or, if required, updated in the event that the Data Controller’s data processing procedures are modified, or the PD Laws are amended.


7. The Data Controller will process your personal data in accordance with the procedures stipulated by the PD Laws on a fair and lawful basis.

8. The Data Controller will process your personal data strictly for the purposes defined in this Policy and such processing will be limited to the attainment of such specific, pre-defined, and lawful purposes. The Data Controller undertakes not to allow any personal data processing that is inconsistent with the purposes for which such data is collected as listed in this Policy. The personal data that the Data Controller collects on the Site is not excessive relative to the declared purposes for which the same is processed.

9. The Data Controller will store your personal data in a form that makes it possible to identify you as a personal data subject for no longer than the purposes of personal data processing require unless the PD Laws require otherwise. Unless the PD Laws require otherwise, the Data Controller will destroy your personal data once the purposes of processing are achieved in accordance with the procedures stipulated by clause 29 of this Policy, or if processing of your personal data for such purposes is no longer necessary.


10. The Data Controller will process your personal data solely and exclusively subject to there being legal reasons under the PD Laws, and such legal reasons are as follows:
− your consent for personal data processing with respect to marketing activities between the Data Controller and you (such as e-mail correspondence about Tiger.Trade products, news, or other marketing information);
− compliance with applicable laws, including, without limitation, those that assign the Data Controller’s functions, powers, and duties;
− exercise of rights and legitimate interests of the Data Controller or third parties in compliance with the PD Laws (provided, however, that the Data Controller does not violate personal data subjects’ rights and freedoms).


11. This Policy describes procedures used by the Data Controller to process personal data of the Site Users.

12. When submitting e-mail on the Site, the Site Users share the following personal data to the Data Controller:
− email address; and
− Site usage data.

13. The Data Controller will use personal data shared by the Site Users for the following purposes:
− to better understand the Site Users’ needs;
− to keep the Site Users updated on the Data Controller’s news; and
− for marketing interactions with the Site Users.


14. This Policy applies to collection, recording, classification, capture, storage, revision (updating, modification), retrieval, use, transfer (sharing, accessing), cross-border transfer, blocking, deletion, and destruction of personal data collected by the Data Controller on the Site with the use of automation tools. The course of your personal data is you. We do not collect personal data about you from a third-party.

15. The Data Controller processes your personal data automatically without making any decisions that have any legal implications or otherwise affect your rights and legitimate interests based solely on personal data automated processing.

16. The Data Controller will ensure that databases used for collection, recording, classification, capture, storage, revision (updating, modification) and retrieval of personal data are maintained in accordance with the applicable law.

17. The Data Controller will keep your personal data collected on the Site confidential.

18. The Data Controller may delegate the processing of your personal data to a third party, subject to the PD Laws.

19. The Data Controller will transfer your personal data collected on the Site in the following events:
− you have authorized such transfer;
− such transfer is required to achieve any purposes of an international treaty or a law, or to fulfill and discharge any functions, powers, and duties of the Data Controller under applicable laws; or
− such transfer is required to perform an agreement to which you are party.

20. The Data Controller will share personal data collected on the Site only if the Data Controller has entered into an agreement with the recipient of personal data under which such third party receiving personal data from the Data Controller undertakes to keep personal data confidential and to adhere to the personal data processing principles and rules defined by the PD Laws and agreement with the Data Controller.

21. The Data Controller will share personal data (including by cross-border transfer to countries that do or do not provide an adequate level of protection of personal data subjects’ rights) with the following third parties:
− affiliates of the Data Controller;
− third-party vendors of such services as website hosting and administration, data analytics, infrastructure maintenance, IT services, services delivered by email or regular mail, audit services, and other services, if such data is needed for such persons to be able to provide the same; and
− in the event of restructuring, merger, sale, creation of a joint venture, or winding up of the Data Controller, transfer of its assets or shares in full or in part (including in connection with bankruptcy or court proceedings).

22. The Data Controller will share personal data collected on the Site within the scope which the Data Controller may in its discretion deem necessary or appropriate:
− pursuant to requirements of the laws applicable to the Data Controller;
− to protect the Data Controller’s and its affiliates’ business;
− in response to requests from the government authorities;
− to facilitate any court proceedings; and
− to protect your rights and rights of the Data Controller, confidentiality, security, or property and/or rights, confidentiality, security, or property of the Data Controller and its affiliates.

23. When processing personal data, the Data Controller will make sure that personal data is accurate (assuming such data is true without having to verify the same), sufficient, and, where necessary, and fit for purpose. The Data Controller will take appropriate measures to delete or update incomplete or inaccurate data, including in the events referred to in this Policy.

24. The Data Controller will apply required managerial, technical, and administrative arrangements to protect personal data received on the Site in accordance with the PD Laws. At the same time, no systems for storage or transfer of data via the Internet may guarantee full security. If you have reasons to believe that data exchange with the Data Controller is not secure (for example, you believe that security of any of your data is compromised), please terminate the use of the Site and notify the Data Controller of the same immediately in accordance with clause 3 of this Policy.


25. The Data Controller will store personal data collected on the Site for as long as necessary for the purposes of this Policy, unless longer storage is necessary or permitted by the laws applicable to the Data Controller.

26. The Data Controller may terminate personal data processing once the purposes of such processing have been attained or where such processing is found to be illegitimate.

27. If processing of personal data collected on the Site is found to be illegitimate (on receipt of your or your representative's query, on receipt of a request from an authorized agency, or following an internal audit) or if personal data is found to be inaccurate, the Data Controller will block or procure the blocking of such personal data that is processed illegitimately on receipt of such query or request for as long as such personal data processing is verified:
− if the inaccuracy of personal data is confirmed based on the information you, your authorized representative, or an authorized agency may provide in any form in writing or based on any other documents pursuant to PD Laws, the Data Controller shall update such personal data or procure the same to be updated within seven (7) business days of receipt of such data and unblock the same;
− if the illegitimate personal data processing is confirmed, the Data Controller shall terminate such illegitimate processing within three (3) business days of confirmation of the illegitimate processing or delete such personal data within ten (10) business days of confirmation of the illegitimate processing. The Data Controller shall notify you, or your representative, or the authorized agency, if the legitimacy of processing was verified at the request of such agency, of remedying any such violations.

28. If you revoke your consent, the Data Controller shall terminate personal data processing immediately, except when continued processing of such personal data is required by the laws applicable to the Data Controller, and in any event the Data Controller shall notify you of the outcome of such revocation.

29. If the purposes for which personal data collected on the Site have been attained, the Data Controller shall terminate personal data processing and destroy personal data within thirty (30) days of when the purposes of processing have been attained, unless your consent received by the Data Controller provides for a different deadline. If personal data collected on the Site may not be destroyed by such deadline, the Data Controller will block such personal data and ensure that the same destroyed within six (6) months, unless the laws applicable to the Data Controller, your consent for personal data processing, or an agreement to which you are a party, require otherwise.

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